Benefits of choosing HuntSoft

HuntSoft is a total solution, designed specifically to utilize all of the data and information you ALREADY collect each season. Trail Camera management is great. But those images tell just a fraction of the story. Our Reports system will revolutionize hunting. And no other system even comes close.

About HuntSoft

In development for more than three years, HuntSoft is a total system for utilizing all of the hunting-related data and information you gather each season.

Hunt Smarter

Each year you collect thousands of data points from trailcam images to in-field sightings. The HuntSoft system allows you to store and organize that data.

Learn Together

HuntSoft is more than just a system of data collection. It's also a hunter-focused community that allows for interaction and conversation with other hunters.


Game log Management

Each season you are collecting vital data that can make or break future success. And it goes far beyond trail camera images. In-field sightings and kills also can provide critical details on how game move and utilize the areas you hunt. HuntSoft is the only solution available to help you get the most from the data you already collect. And it's fast and easy.

  • Manage unlimited trail cameras
  • Enter detailed data about sightings and kills
  • Automatically logs lunar and weather conditions

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Prediction & Reports

The Purpose of data collection is simple: To identify patterns of predictability. With those patterns, you can then be more successful in the field by hunting during the very best conditions. HuntSoft's reporting system allows you to establish a forecasting system that's specific to the areas that you hunt and based on the previous activity of the critters that live there.

  • Reports designed by some of the industries top minds
  • Movement predictions based on our proprietary algorithm
  • Quickly identify best locations for your shooter bucks

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Social Network for Hunters

At HuntSoft, we believe in collaboration. We also believe there should be a place where hunters feel comfortable sharing their hunting experiences. Our Community area offers excellent social media tools that allow you to privately share posts with Friends and Family, or post something for the entire community to enjoy.

  • Post and view pictures, videos, and more
  • Like, Comment, and Share on any posts
  • View articles based on topics you are interested in

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Custom Mobile App

Some of the best data comes while you're in the woods. And HuntSoft's mobile app allows you to log game sighting fast. How fast? How about "10 seconds from pocket to pocket" fast? Yes, you'll be able to pull out your phone, log a sighting and have that phone back in your pocket in less than 10 seconds.

Our mobile app works on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Download our Iphone App Free from the AppStore.

  • Enter data in-the-field even without internet
  • Store Trails, and Calculate Distances
  • Live wind direction while on your property

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